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Automation Systems Security

Digital Assurance offer a number of specialised assessment services which focus on automation systems such as process control systems (PCS/DCS), SCADA components, field devices/controllers and system communications. Our specialist assessment services have been developed to provide customers with assurance that security measures around automation systems are appropriate, robust and effective whilst identifying where and how improvements may be made.

Process Control Networks Assessment

Our process control system security services are designed to identify security issues in the design and implementation of process control networks (PCN) and SCADA applications. The assessment involves an examination of the monitoring, control and field layers of the system and seeks to identify all security exposures and weaknesses in devices, software components, communications paths and any security controls that may be present. Our PCN testing and review services are unique in the world today.

SCADA application testing

SCADA application testing is designed to identify security issues and risks in both bespoke and COTS SCADA components, primarily HMI applications and gateway/interface applications such as OPC servers. Such engagements involve a detailed examination of the applications security controls, resilience and operational behaviour, any identified areas of potential weakness are analysed to determine the level of risk that may be posed.

PCN field & controller device testing

Our device testing is designed to evaluate individual components of the field and control layers. The assessment will include an analysis of device functionality and any relevant security controls, network resilience, physical controls and physical exposures. The purpose of this type of testing is to identify security issues and exposures in component devices and to determine appropriate remedial action. The results of this testing are often used to create baseline secure configuration guidelines for devices.

Site & facility automation systems assessment

Our automation systems assessment is targeted at facility automation systems such as CCTV, access control, alarm, communication, lighting, HVAC and potentially other specialised systems as required.

Such assessments are designed to assess the security state of these frequently neglected systems in an effort to identify potential security weaknesses or exposures and suggest appropiate remedial action.