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Security Incident Recovery Service

What do you do if one morning you get the dreaded phone call – “We’ve been Hacked!!!”. Your systems are down and your ISP is telling you it is because they are being “Flooded with a DDoS” or all your key business documents are encrypted and the guys from IT says you have been hit by RansomWare.

Your top priority is to get your business back but everybody you call talks about keeping your systems down while you “Preserving Evidence” and build a case for prosecution. But you don’t want to start policing the internet, you only want to start fulfilling orders, Issuing invoices and earning money so that you can pay the bills.

You have a business problem and Digital Assurance can help you solve it, by bringing your business back on line. We have decades of experience of hacking, viruses and network security that enables us to manage, coolly and calmly, the recovery of systems so:

  • Customers will barely notice the disruption;
  • Suppliers will continue to provide credit; and
  • You can sleep easy

Should the worst happen, call Digital Assurance and we will provide immediate support with our CyberSecurity Incident Recovery Service.

We will provide you the Management and Technical resources you need. Digital Assurance can provide an expert security manager, backed with extensive checklists and procedures, who has lived these experiences many times in a variety of commercial situations to coordinate your crisis management, funnel your efforts in containment & recovery, and advise you on messaging to your stakeholders.

We will also provide you with the technical expertise developed from breaking into systems everyday to:

  • Identify points of entry and any back doors left by your network intruders
  • Identify Application breaches
  • Cleaning of Trojans, malware, Virus
  • Identify servers and laptops impacted; and
  • Assistance in recovering systems

There are many skilled forensics examiners that can help you collect evidence over a period of time and then prepare the extensive documentation necessary so that it will hold up in court but if you are haemorrhaging sales and need to get up&on-line – call us.