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Security Breach Readiness Service

Organisations with a significant online presence need to have great security. But even with Great Security, something will go wrong and they will experience a breach. If the crisis is managed well it is possible that customer & suppliers will be impressed and find a new loyalty for an organisation that is robust – some organisations have even experienced a significant rise in share price as the markets note that they are here to stay.

…. But if you fail to prepare, Prepare to fail.

Digital Assurances’ CyberSecurity Breach Readiness Service

Using a variety of attack vectors launched in a safe, harmless but utterly authentic way by our leading team of intrusion experts we will:

  • Launch an attack
  • Test your monitoring and detection facilities that may include Malware, IDS and SIEM systems
  • Follow the Incident process as it happens; and
  • Report on the necessary improvements

If you don’t have the processes in place we can help you develop them and then test they really work with a CyberAttack Simulation Exercises (as described above). We will help you :

  • Develop policies, procedures and the response plan
  • Tune detection methods
  • Measure Incident preparedness for all stakeholders
  • With training on hacking techniques, Social engineering, Communication Plans and malware analysis.

Effective incident management is key to protecting your online business assets