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Security Consultancy

Digital Assurance has deep and broad knowledge of information security. We provide advisory and consultancy services ranging from security architecture and security design through to security policy creation and risk assessment exercises.

Digital Assurance has deep and broad knowledge of information security

Virtualisation Security Assessment Service

Tailored security testing and review to assess that the design, implementation and on-going management of virtualised environments and platforms.

Security Incident Recovery Service

We provide a rapid response capability to suspected security breaches and undertake the necessary investigations whilst working with your organisation to limit any potential impact and ensure that the cause of the breach is understood and prevented from recurring.

CLAS and IA Consultancy

The CESG Listed Advisor Scheme (CLAS) approves security consultants to provide information assurance advice for Government departments and agencies.

Security Breach Readiness Service

Organisations with a significant online presence need to have great security. But even with Great Security, something will go wrong and they will experience a breach. If the crisis is managed well it is possible that customer & suppliers will be impressed and find a new loyalty for an organisation that is robust – some organisations have even experienced a significant rise in share price as the markets note that they are here to stay.