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DA PIP - Digital Identity Protection

PIP Web Portal Dashboard

PIP is a unique SaaS platform developed by Digital Assurance that scours the Internet constantly looking for fake and spoof profiles impersonating you or your employees.

Over recent years the problem of fake profiles and digital impersonators has developed to the point where some employees are targeted dozens of times a day by a range of actors often intent on using the employees online identity for fraudulent purposes or to undermine your reputation. Digital Assurance see this more and more often, in particular with key and senior staff inside organisations and this is why we developed PIP.

PIP is accessed and managed via a web portal and is capable of finding fake social media profiles across all of the major sites including:

  • Facebook,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Twitter; and
  • Instagram.

As a PIP subscriber you can upload a list of individuals that you wish to protect along with information such as job title, photographs and other relevant information such as previous employment, educational history etc. PIP uses this information alongside a combination of advanced matching techniques including Natural Language Processing and Image Recognition to identify potential impersonators. PIP scours social media continuously looking at thousands of identities and profiles that may match your list of protected individuals and performs deep analysis of matching profiles to determine the relevance of the profile and determine how likely it is to be impersonating one of your protected people.

Profiles that score above a user configurable threshold are highlighted as potential impersonators and an e-mail alert is sent to one or more members inside your organisation.

Using the PIP web portal, users can mark a profile as a confirmed impersonator, ignore the profile (thus preventing it from being analysed again), mark a profile as legitimate (where the profile is known to belong to the protected person) or request a "take down" whereby Digital Assurance contact the relevant social media provider a and request that the offending fake profile is removed.

PIP is available on an annual subscription basis and is priced based on the number of people protected by the system. Each customer organisation gets access to a dedicated PIP instance with a dedicated URL.

Please contact us for further details or to arrange a demonstration.