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Phishing for fun

I suffered a low tech Phishing attack the other day and although it wasn’t a completely unheard of scam, it gave me a belly laugh like I hadnt had in a long long time. As memory serves it went like this.
House-hold phone: ring- ring – rrrrrring

Wife answers it: Hello

Voice on Phone: Can I speak to the Gentleman of the House

Wife: Well you can speak to my husband – He is no Gentleman but he owns the House
[Wife angrily hands me the phone – I am disturbing her favourite episode of “BridesHead-dawnton-abbey-larkrise-waterloo road midwifes”]

Voice on Phone: Hello sir. This is the Windows Support Centre. Do you own a computer?

Me: Yes

Voice on Phone: The Windows Support Centre has been monitoring your computer. Sir I am sorry to say you have an infection!
[nodoubt - working with a bunch of pentesters – there isnt a single day that goes by without one of them waving a usb under my nose blabbering about a “weaponised this”, “noop sleds” that or asking for my help “Because I am old and I still remember assembler” but this is just getting interesting!!!]

Me: Oh-no!! I have an infection. Can you sell me some kind of antiseptic cream?

Voice on Phone: What? – No, it is the computer that has got the infection, Sir

Me: Well I’d still be interested in any cream – I could rub it on the computer

[Sound of a deep breath]
Voice on Phone: Can you go to your computer?

Me: Which one, Can you tell me if it is the Silver one or the Black one.
Me: I have picked up the silver one – it’s been running a bit slow – can you see if it is this one I am holding

Voice on Phone: Err, No – Can you login to your computer?

Me: I am on the silver one

Voice on Phone: Now I am going to ask you to type a command. Hit the Windows Key and “R” key at the same time
[This pulls up the Windows Run command box – there is no way I am going to do this]

Me: Whats a windows key - I have a Shift key, a TAB key, a Enter key……

Voice on Phone: Sir, Sir It has a Windows Flag on it

Me: No I haven’t got one – Is that because of the infection or aren’t they on a MAC

Phone: brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr [ I think he hung up]
Even at home you can suffer Phishing attacks!!!!