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Briefing: Dark Net, Threats of Online Profiling and Overseas Working

Our latest breakfast briefing will be covering three security & privacy topics

  • Exploring the "Dark Net" based on unique research we have undertaken over the last 2 years;
  • Understanding the threats of online identity "profiling" and the steps involved in digital footprint hardening for individuals; and
  • Understanding and countering information security threats to staff, kit and offices operating overseas.
  • Heartbleed and TOR in practice

    The TOR project was quick to respond to the recent Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability with a well (prepared) put together statement detailing the likely impact of the vulnerability. As it turned out their initial assessment was pretty much spot on if a little gently worded.

    What do I mean by that? Well as it turns out we have confirmed some quite troubling implications for Tor users and operators.

    Phishing for fun

    I suffered a low tech Phishing attack the other day and although it wasn’t a completely unheard of scam, it gave me a belly laugh like I hadnt had in a long long time. As memory serves it went like this.
    House-hold phone: ring- ring – rrrrrring

    Wife answers it: Hello

    Voice on Phone: Can I speak to the Gentleman of the House

    PART TWO - Don’t you think the industry is missing the point on Cloud

    It has been a week since my last posting and most of it has been spent delivering a 100 page incident response and forensic readiness framework -- with nightmare reporting format equally in complexity to any APT I have eradicated

    I had a nice day out at CREST-CON on Wednesday. This was a combined conference with CREST and IISP members. There was a great presentation on memory forensics – an art that I thought would die with us old crusties.


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