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Our Legacy

All commercial organisations make impressive claims about the amount of research they perform, the extent to which they demonstrate thought-leadership, and their ability to embrace new technologies. The team from Digital Assurance believe they have made a significant contribution in the form of Information Security research, Vulnerabilities Discovery and Tools to the security community.

Here is a small sample of the security tools created over the years – they may be old, superseded and provided for demonstration purposes only, but they verify our claims that Digital Assurance has long been a “Net Contributor” to the community:

Brutus - Brutus remains a Top-100 security tool and was the first on-line password cracker capable of attacking multiple authentication types. Brutus was first made publicly available in October 1998 and since that time there have been well over a million downloads.

Obeseus - DDOS detection tools were very expensive and after discussions with a number of security organisations, it was decided to produce a free code tool for developing world ISPs. Obeseus is a light-weight, high-speed IP DDOS detector that has been designed to run on an Intel probe.

Mingsweeper - An advanced network reconnaissance tool released in 2000 and the first Windows security tool to implement raw sockets for crafting packets. Mingsweeper was also the first tool for enumerating applications from retrieved banners (pre-dating both AMAP and, much later, NMAP in this regard) featuring a comprehensive application database as early as 2001.

WIDZ - WIDZ was a proof of concept development which became number1 or 2 on the open-source Wireless IDS charts and probably, was the first dedicated open source wireless IDS. It was developed at a time when IDS were popular and when everything 802.11 was new. It guards access points and monitors local frequencies for potentially malevolent activity. It detects scans, association floods, and bogus or rogue APs. It can easily be integrated with SNORT. It was mainly significant because it was used as reference by many security organisations and government departments as a benchmark. A small sample includes:

LOUD_LISTENER - LOUD_LISTENER is a light-weight, high-speed voice packet recorder that can target a particular call based on a SIP URL or TG, designed to satisfy regulatory lawful Intercept requirements