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Ben Dewar-Powell


Ben Dewar-Powell is a Senior member of the Technical Services team at Digital Assurance. In this capacity, he has worked on Technical assessments, base-lining and creating secure platforms, secure network design and security audits for multinationals across Europe and America.

Ben’s areas of expertise include Web Application Security, Social Engineering, Open Source Intelligence and automation of information gathering. He has also developed training courses for organisations in these areas.

Ben holds a Master’s of Science degree from the University of Glamorgan with studies focused on Digital Forensics and Computer Crime. Ben is a qualified CESG Check Team Leader, via the CREST ACE examination path.

Outside of his role at Digital Assurance, he also co-runs, blogs at, tweets nonsense from @bdpuk and is a contributing member at the Gentlemans Hacker Club.

In his spare time he enjoys horse rides on the beach in flowing open white shirts, smiling at strangers and small scale liquor production.