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About Us

Digital Assurance is a UK based company, established in 2006 by experienced security professionals to address the information security assessment requirements of national and overseas customers. We aim to provide some of the most comprehensive, effective and flexible information security assessment services in the marketplace.

Our consultants have delivered countless assessment services to many of the world’s largest organisations spanning the breadth of the financial, petrochemical, retail, government, communications and defence industries. The experience of our consultants combined with our efficient corporate model allows us to deliver customer engagements fulfilling exceptional service standards whilst remaining extremely competitive.During all projects, Digital Assurance can work closely with your technical and security staff to ensure that all parties benefit from an engagement not only with regard to the service being provided but in terms of knowledge transfer, understanding what we do, why we do it and how we do it. Providing your staff with this type of exposure inevitably increases their awareness of risks and helps to put information security issues into context for them, benefits that can only better your security posture.

When it comes to communicating results and findings, we ensure that the message is relayed to all relevant layers of the business; technical, operational, management and compliance, in terms they understand and can relate to. Our consultants have worked with all layers of the business and this experience enables us to ensure the message gets through.